Signing Up is Easy!

Process for the 2018-19 School Year:

Step 1. Complete online Enrollment Form 

Step 2. Confirm intent to attend 2018-19 school year and student information before January 31, 2018

(We will follow-up on all enrollment submissions to verify status by email, phone call, then letter.)

Step 3. Grade level placements will take place in Feb.  If openings remain in a classroom or grade level, we will continue taking students until they fill. 

Step 4. Once student placement is confirmed, complete all registration paperwork before March 9, 2018.


Open enrollment ends January 31, 2018. Grade level announcements will take place February 15,2018. If enrollment requests exceed the number of available seats, placement will be conducted at random through a lottery. Notification of placement or wait list will take place February 23, 2018. Parent acceptance letter and completed registration packet is due by March 9th, 2018. After this, we will begin filling grade level spots from the remaining list of families (wait list or late enrollment submissions).


* Similar timelines will be reflected in subsequent years, with exact dates posted on our website.

Lottery Process

Monarch Classical School of the Arts is an open enrollment school. Enrollment is available to all students without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, ancestry, disability, socio-economic status or other protected category. MCSA does not screen on academic ability for admission.

If the number of applications received by January 31, 2018 exceeds the number of seats available, a random public lottery will be used to determine who will be able to attend Monarch Classical School of the Arts.

We will advertise the public lottery via email of all applicants, our website, and social media. The lottery will be publicly advertised and take place at the school site or another public space (if the site is not accessible due to renovations) on February 15, 2018 (the first week in March in subsequent years).

Priority Enrollment

The following students will be granted priority enrollment:

· Siblings of currently enrolled students or of students who receive a seat through the lottery

Siblings are defined as children whose primary guardian(s) is also the primary guardian(s) of other children already enrolled in MCSA. Guardian in this instance is defined as one who has custody of the children at least 50% of the time. Children may include half-siblings, stepsiblings, adopted siblings, cousins, nieces or nephews who are being cared for as primary dependents.

If a child is drawn for an enrollment seat at MCSA, their siblings will be automatically granted enrollment, if there is space available in their grade level.  In future years, siblings of currently enrolled students will not have to participate in the lottery and will be automatically granted a seat if there is space at their grade level.

Once a student is granted enrollment at Monarch, he or she will not have to participate in the lottery system again for as long as they attend. Additionally, younger or newly added siblings will be granted priority in accessing a grade level seat.

-Children of Founding Families

Children of founding families will also not have to participate in the lottery. The Board of Directors will approve a list of eligible families at January 2018 board meeting.

· Children of MCSA employees

Children of MCSA employees who work at least half-time will be exempt from the lottery. An employee is a person who has a signed employee agreement or contract with MCSA. 

· Disadvantaged students within target area


Once students have been selected by lottery for a particular grade, the remaining eligible students at that grade will be placed on a wait list in the order in which their names are drawn during the lottery. As seats open up, students will be selected from the wait lists in the following order:

1. Sibling waitlist. Siblings of enrolled students who were not given a seat due to lack of space at their grade level will be selected from the waitlist first.

2. Enrollment wait list. Students who were wait listed in the lottery will be selected from the wait list in the order in which they were drawn. Wait lists will be maintained and will apply for the duration of one school year. New families who want to enroll in the school the following year, must apply and enter a lottery for the following year.

Notification of Receipt of Application Families will be notified by email of the receipt of their application within two business days of submitting the completed application.

 After the lottery and within 48 hours, families will be notified of selection and will be asked to enroll. If the child did not receive a seat, the family will be notified as to their position on the waitlist.