Administrative Team


Head of School-Chief Instructional Officer



Leigha Johnson

Leigha Johnson is Lead Founder of Monarch Classical School of the Arts and Head of School. She is a passionate, high-performing, agent of change within public education. Leigha has over a decade of diverse classroom experience, including instructional coaching and intervention support. Additionally, she has served as a curriculum writer and consultant with several publishing organizations, specifically in the area of cross-curricular lesson structures and differentiation strategies. Leigha received several awards for her distinction within public education to include classroom achievement data, character development initiatives, and community outreach and advocacy. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology, Masters of Art in Teaching, Masters of Art in Educational Technology, Education Specialist in Education Administration, and currently nearing program completion for Doctor of Education in K-12 Leadership.

In her free time she enjoys crafting, interior design, curling up with a compelling biography, taste-testing almost any savory cuisine, and working through her DIY and upcycle Pinterest projects. 

Leigha holds professional licenses in:

Early Childhood-6 th Grade Elementary Education

4-8 Math, Science, History, and Language Arts

6-12 Family Consumer Sciences

7-12 Career and Technical Education

K-12 School Administration (Principal)


Dean of Students


Pauline Eltagonde

Pauline Eltagonde served as a member of Monarch's founding team. She began her teaching career almost by accident. Starting out as a stay-at- home mom with a commitment to her children’s educational experience, she began working as a guest teacher in their rural Colorado school. Within a short amount of time, she decided to pursue her interest of building classrooms of excellence as a full-time profession. She has spent the last eight years teaching elementary school within the Colorado Springs area and advocating for an equitable school experience for all students. Pauline is an active member of many parent and community organizations and considers her service to our country (as an Army veteran), community, and families to be her proudest achievements. Although originally from Detroit, Michigan, Colorado has been her home for the past twenty years. Pauline received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Specialization in Elementary Education from Regis University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Art in Instructional Leadership.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, and being active with her six children and two grandchildren.

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Operations & Business Office

Harold Johnson

Harold Johnson served as the business and finance expert on Monarch's founding team. His previous experience includes 20 years of government service, selected as a Commissioned Officer of the United States Air Force.  During his years of military service, Mr. Johnson worked within Finance, Acquisitions, and Personnel. Some of the positions that he has held include: Program Integration Manager, Financial Manager, Deputy Comptroller, Flight Commander, Resource Adviser, Acquisitions Manager, Financial Analyst, as well as Human Capital and Personnel Administrator. Harold is passionate about serving the needs of military servicemen and their families, in addition to promoting patriotic traditions that highlight the freedoms that our armed forces protect. Mr. Johnson frequently volunteers in various professional and community organizations to include veteran rehabilitation efforts, under-privileged youth mentoring and scholarship, professional accounting and finance clubs, parent education initiatives, and environmental protection efforts. Harold holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Resource Management, Master of Arts in Human Resource Management, numerous accounting and asset management certifications, and is completing a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership.

In his free time he enjoys nonfiction writing, causal dining with live music,  attending theater and musical performances of all genres, scoring good seats at Broncos games, and planning frequent adventures to take his children on.


Office Manager



Master Teacher



Board President 

Dr. Gregory M. Williams 

Dr. Williams is a Director for the Governor's Office of Information Technology, Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Sciences and served as a member of Monarch's founding team. He has developed new courses as an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix, Red Rocks Community College, and DeVry University. Dr. Williams’ teaching interests includes database, SQL, information security, and rhetoric and literacy. Prior to being the Director for Security, Risk, and Compliance for the State of Colorado, Dr. Williams was a Information (Cyber) Security Officer for the Department of Veteran Affairs, and a member of the United States Air Force. Dr. Williams is an exceptional corporate trainer, classroom facilitator, and information technology professional with 12 years of classroom instruction, 6 years of course design coupled with 15 years in the computer industry, and 5 years of research experience. He holds a Bachelor in Computer Science, Master of Human Services and Health Care Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, mentoring, and physical training.


Board VIce President 

Cara Nunn

Cara has worked as a classroom teacher and instructional coach within various parts of public education. She has a Master of Art in Education Administration and graduated Summa Cum Laude. As a mother of a special needs child, she finds herself particularly focused on effective differentiation and equitable service within diverse student populations. She has extensive experience working with emotionally challenged students, gifted education, and creating highly-customized 504 and IEP documents that generate true fulfillment in student’s learning experiences. Cara is an active contributor to research and family support within childhood epilepsy and is always willing to share her experience with this illness to anyone who could benefit from the information. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, and taking pictures of and with them as they build lasting memories together.


Board Secretary 

Sofia Futty 

Sophia grew up in Texas, but moved to Colorado as an adult and has made Colorado Springs her home for over the past decade. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has used her language ability to assist the development and best interests of children that are often underserved. Through her work as a Special Education Teacher, Classroom Support Professional, Registered Behavioral Clinician, and Family Case Manager she has come to know many different methods of supporting fair and equitable education. Sophia is an active member of the community and is committed to serving as a resource to families as they navigate the dimensions of modern parenting and societal endeavors. She considers her service on Monarch’s Board of Directors to be an opportunity to assist more children (especially special needs and at-risk) in reaching their greatest potential, within the structures of public education. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family, sharing dinner with great friends, learning new photography tricks, and relaxing around the house with her puppy and a great, new book.  


Board Treasurer

Lisa Hagins

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Barbara Thomas

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Special Advisory Member


Dr. Tanya Howard

Dr. Tanya Howard served as an advisor to the founding team, specifically on issues related to math and science and urban youth philanthropy. She is an Emergency Medicine Attending Physician and social activist. As an accomplished U.S. Navy Veteran, Medical Doctor, and mother of two, Tanya is passionate about educational equality and school opportunities for low-income families. Originally from a working-class family in Trenton, New Jersey, Dr. Howard attributes her success to a learned work ethic (gained from her mother), that forged a love of learning, commitment to excellence, and devotion to paying opportunity forward. Dr. Howard’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University, Doctor of Medicine from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Emergency Medicine Residency at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, and numerous other professional certifications. Tanya is an active member of many professional and social boards and enjoys participating in the advancement of humanitarian efforts. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, absorbing new cultures, and making memories with her two children.


Special Advisory Member



Marvick Burgos

Marvick Burgos served as an advisor to the founding team and  offers exceptional expertise in issues relating to human capital, organizational policy, and benefit structures. He currently serves as Senior Recruiting Manager for a research/analytics corporation. Prior to this, Marvick served in a number of human resource roles to include applicant pre-screening, new-hire orientation, payroll and benefits, compliance and grievance, employee evaluations, and talent recruitment. Mr. Burgos is an honorable veteran of the United States Army, having served as an Intelligence Analyst and Topographic Agent for more than six years. Marvick’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science. In his spare time, he enjoys browsing museums of art and history, volunteering as a youth mentor, creating original sketch work, experimenting with graphic design, unwinding to a nice comedy skit, and spending time with his wife and vibrant daughter, Madeline.