Step One: Intent to Enroll Process

Complete the online information form to add your child's name to our student database. We will put his or her name on the appropriate grade level list and contact your family when we need additional information. 


Step Two: Registration Process

To secure your child's enrollment, we must have a completed file by the stated deadline . Click the "Registration Packet" button below and download the required documents.

Return completed forms to:

Hard copies of the registration packet may be obtained at the monthlymeetings or by contacting and requesting a time to pick it up. 

Proof of address can be submitted using one of the following:

If you own your home: Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, or Bill of Sale, signed purchase contract with possession or closing date not more than 90 days out, current El Paso County tax notice, or current utility bill showing your name and the property address.

If you rent: current lease or rental agreement, current notarized letter from landlord, current utility bill showing your name and the property address.

If you live with family or friends: current letter from the family you are residing with stating that you are living with them AND proof of address from the family you are living with (one item from the above list). 

If your family qualifies for McKinney-Vento services, this letter is not necessary to start school.
If you live in military housing: housing letter, current utility bill