School Days: 8am-4pm

  • Before & After School Enrichment: 6am to 6pm

What we offer every school day:


Daily Instruction

  • Mathematics-2 hours
  • Phonics/Reading/Language Arts -2.5 hours
  • Science-30 min
  • History/World Language– 30 min
  • Music– 30 min (voice and piano)
  • Visual/Theater Arts– 30 min
  • Physical Education-30 min
  • Character/Leadership-30 min

All students are welcome to stay until 5pm for enrichment practice in the arts area of their choice or academic tutoring. 

Extracurricular Activities

  • Classical Dance
  • Drill Team/Pep Squad
  • Chess Club
  • Book Club
  • Concert Piano
  • Theater Club
  • Basketball
  • Art Club
  • Choir
  • Environmental Club
  • Tennis 

    All students are welcome to participate!

    Club sponsors are volunteers and determine availability/schedules.

    Guardians are always welcome to fill out club request forms and/or sponsor forms for club startups.




Classroom Curriculum

  • Mathematics- Eureka Math and Excel Math
  • K-5 Core Knowledge Language Arts (phonics/grammar/literacy)
  • Science- Core Knowledge
  • History/Civics-Core Knowledge
  • Music-Music and the Brain/Core Knowledge
  • Visual/Theater Arts- Core Knowledge
  • Physical Education-Core Knowledge
  • World Language-Latin/Spanish/ASL 
  • Character-Sanford Harmony

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