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Monarch Classical School of the Arts is a TUITION-FREE public charter school, open to all interested K-8th grade students in Colorado Springs.


We offer a world-class education that supports the artistic exploration of children.



The mission of Monarch Classical School of the Arts is to provide a world-class educational experience through a rigorous classical education model in liberal arts, science, and creative expression that nurtures growing leaders.

What is a charter school?

What is Core Knowledge?

What is a classical education?


At the core of our school are the families we serve. We are an extension of their individual needs. Monarch Classical School of the Arts will offer FREE before and after enrichment beginning at 6 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m. Before school, students will be in a common area and work on homework or practice activities. After school, students will attend enrichment programs based on area of interest to include: tutoring, art, theater, dance, athletics, piano, clubs, music, leadership, and technology.

We believe in supporting the whole child through rigorous academic instruction AND artistic explorations. Monarch Classical School of the Arts will be a classroom-based learning environment whose curriculum aligns with, and exceeds, both Common Core and Colorado Academic Standards, providing 21st century skills in our global economy.

Our students are explorers of the world around them and receive daily instruction in leadership. Our school leaders, highly qualified teachers, and school board will work from six core principles to ensure a high-quality learning environment:

  • Classical approach to instruction supported by Core Knowledge curriculum
  • Data-driven, differentiated lessons based on student learning goals
  • High-quality teachers through continuous professional development
  • Academic and artistic instruction every day to support whole child development
  • Language and mathematic excellence through extended instruction blocks
  • Parent and community involvement enhanced by weekly updates on student progress and school goals and initiatives